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Boxing Week and Beyond!

THE PUSSYCAT AFFAIR BOXING WEEK AND BEYOND SALE!! DECEMBER 27 to JANUARY 7! 50% off All Collectif Separates, 50% off all Hell Bunny Separates, 50% off Hell Bunny Halloween Dresses, 50% off ALL Pinup Girl, 50% off Echoes in the Attic Cross Body Bags and Wristlets, 50% off Pussycat Affair Tees, 50% off of Pussycat Tank and Panty Sets, 50% off Vintage Celebrity Shoes (new-never worn vintage!), And 25% off ALL OTHER ITEMS in the store until January 7!! Lindy Bop, Hell Bunny and Collectif Dresses, Yo Sox, Wicked Purses, BBJ Pop Culture Accessories, Kelly’s compacts, lipstick and pill cases, Vintage clothing and accessories!!

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